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Toy Stories

... or the quest for the perfect -(travel) camera.
  • 2002Minolta DiMAGE X

    It's hip to be square ... the little Minolta was our first digital camera and quite innovative with it's internal vertical zoom mechanism. The LCD screen was tiny and image quality left much to be desired - but hey, tons of images just on a tiny memory card - how cool was that? A neat little picturebox that served us well on our first South America tour.

  • 2005Casio EXILIM Pro EX-P700

    Still a compact camera - but a clear step up in features and picture quality. It was a handy companion for Kilimanjaro trekking and Sansibar sunrise pics.

  • 2008Olympus E-520

    Things are getting serious - my first DSLR. It boast to be the smallest DSLR at the time. This was one of the main reasons to choose it as the 'weapon of choice' for our round the world trip. It proved to be a reliable and enjoyable companion that recorded more than 20'000 pics during our 10-months journey.

  • 2010-2015"The CANON years"

    Back home and less concerned about size and weight, I became intrigued by the combination of a well thought out user interface, very good picture quality and the first DSLR with touchscreen. So, I converted to the CANON system. The EOS 650D, 50D, 70D brought all new experiences and a lot of fun - but ulitmately proved to be too bulky to find a permanent spot in the bags when we were travelling.

  • 2015NIKON D5500

    When NIKON announced it's first ever touchscreen DSLR in a small, almost pocketable DSLR, this was the incentive to take a peek into the NIKON world. It was consequently the D5500 that accompanied us on our next photo safari in South Africa. Well, here I am with a perfectly fine DSLR with excellent image quality in a small package. But there is no denying it, when it comes to handling, responsiveness and finishing, it is still an entry-level model. So the logical next step would be the brilliant D7500 - but that's not an option in terms of size and weight ...

  • 2017Fujifilm X-T20

    Could mirrorless be the long sought-after solution? After a not so satisfiying encounter with the Olympus PEN series a few years back, I was not really looking in this direction anymore. However, the small Fuji convinced me so far. Big, bright EVF, responsive, beautifully designed, superb craftmanship for body and lenses, and what counts most at the end of the day, gorgeous pics. After I get a bit more familiar with the system, I might reach out for the X-T2 - very tempting ...

  • 2019Fujifilm X-T3

    The Fuji XT3 is the latest addition to the Fuji X-line and with its new and updated features over the X-T2, arguably one of the best APS-C cameras on the market right now. It still got the cool retro look and the very useful buttons and dials that allow controlling most of the settings without entering the menu. Among slightly updated ergonomics, it now sports much improved video features, a faster processor and autofocus, higher resolution EVF and a new (backlit) sensor. Everything still packed into a rugged, weather-sealed but still quite compact body. Very happy so far but I'm still experimenting and can't wait to take it on the road with me ...

by Tom | February 2019

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