traveldiary.ch has been called into existence for our 4-months-South America trip in 2003.

In the meantime, our virtual traveldiary has served us well to document not only our South America trip, but also various recent short and more extended travels.

traveldiary.ch has grown considerably during our 10-months-Round-the World Trip, which started in July 2007 .

Also worth checking out could be www.picturebox.ch – a picture gallery with handpicked images of our trips and more…

This way, traveldiary.ch will help us to keep in touch with the ones at home and will hopefully inspire and help others to explore new corners..

in this sense… „..life is short and the world is wide“*

*Simon Raven

Renate Bürgler Thomas Büeler

Contact us at: info(at)traveldiary.ch